Ten Reasons To Pull Out My Hair and Be Thankful

Thanksgiving arrives next week with our annual reminder to be thankful. During the craziest days with my Trio, it’s too easy to get caught up in the chaos and leave my attitude of gratitude in the bin with the diapers. Here’s my thankful list, including some things that seem like annoyances, but when I dig deeper, are really wonderful things!

1. I’m thankful that we were blessed with three kids for the price of two. Literally. After a three-year emotional and financial roller coaster with infertility, I’ll never, ever take these three little creatures for granted. I remember one night, after a particularly heartwrenching loss, when I sat upstairs in the bedroom we hoped would be a nursery and confronted all our ruined expectations. I’m so grateful that room is now filled, along with the other two upstairs bedrooms. We might not have a quiver full, but we have an upstairs full, and that’s just enough for me. And on the craziest days, Daddy and I keep it in perspective by saying to each other, “Remember, we paid good money for this experience!”

2. I’m grateful that my 2-year-old twins can now get their own water from the fridge dispenser, and that they spill it on my kitchen floor every day. It keeps the floor clean!

3. We’ve learned that having a master bedroom directly off the family room is bad planning when Daddy works all night and needs to sleep while noisy toddlers want to play. However, having a master bathroom only 10 steps away from the powder room is fantastic planning for potty-training twins, who want to go at the same time and will only sit on the big potty. It’s prevented fights and bloody noses from someone getting pushed off their perch!

4. I’m grateful for three independent, stubborn, self-reliant, bull-headed, strong-willed children. I always claimed I wanted these, but forgot they’d have to practice on me before they head out into the wide world. However, when a 2 year old opens the door for me to leave, happily says, “Bye, Mom!” and runs to the babysitter to play—that’s just a beautiful thing and I give thanks all the way to my grownup dinner and movie!

5. I’m thankful that we’re also the proud parents of a paralyzed dog, who gets around just fine in his doggy wheelchair. Despite the difficulties and extra work this creates for our family, I’m grateful that my children get to experience it. They’ve learned an entirely new level of being kind to animals, and are comfortable when they see people who use wheelchairs or who have physical challenges. Not even all grownups have the skill of empathy, and I’m so proud that my kids are developing it at such a young age.

6. I’m grateful that my kids constantly chip the paint off my walls. Big Sister once dove into a chair, overshot, and head-butted the wall under a window. Either it was a weak wall or she has a strong head, because the wall shattered down to the metal framing around the window. Mr. Twin scraped a toy dragon along another wall and left a long scratch, and Miss Twin collided with a corner as she careened past on a riding toy. It’s aggravating, yes, but I’m very, very grateful that the previous owners left buckets of leftover paint in the basement. Every couple months, Big Sister and I put on our smocks and have a paint touch-up party. I’m grateful for a method to have constantly fresh walls and easy entertainment for a 4 year old, although we’ve touched up so much that the orange peel texturizing is disappearing!

7. I’m extraordinarily grateful to be raising children in the age of disposable diapers, 4-minute microwavable mac and cheese, and Internet shopping. I love taking my kids out in public to do fun things; however, shopping is not one of them!

8. I’m thankful for my kids’ chaos, noise, and unpredictability because they’ve taught me how to be spontaneous. I used to control every minute of my day. Now, I have ideas for what we should accomplish in our 12 hours of time together each day, but can’t predict it even to the hour and usually change my mind. It took me 38 years to learn that’s ok. Being flexible has allowed us to have the best fun, make great memories, and take delightful candid photos in spontaneous moments when we weren’t trying so hard to find them.

9. I’m grateful for my kids’ insane energy because they’re always up for an adventure. Every night at bedtime, Big Sister asks what we’re doing the next day, and I’d better have an answer! They’re not afraid to try new things, which has led me to investigate fun places around our city that I might not have thought about otherwise. We’ve learned and grown together through all those new experiences, which reminds me that grownups can learn something from kids, if we just pay attention.

10. I’m immensely grateful for my supportive and sanity-saving husband, and our family and friends, (including my online support network!), who love on our Trio and laugh with us at our chaos. You encourage us and make us giggle when you say that our lives are good birth control. It is for us too, because an upstairs full is just enough! 🙂

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth Louw
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 16:03:01

    I think I might be the one one laughing and thanking you for the cheap birth control. You are my hero and I love your family! I am thankful to have you as a sister-in-heart!


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