Give A Kid Clothes and He’ll Wear Them For A Day, Teach Him To Dress Himself and He’ll Be Dressed For A Lifetime!

Everywhere I look in my house, there’s a pile to be sorted. Junk mail, leftovers in the fridge, hand-wash-only Christmas outfits, outgrown toys, magazines, art projects, art supplies, and holiday candy that should be thrown away since I started Weight Watchers, but darn it, I can’t throw away chocolate! And then there’s the monster lurking in the upstairs closet, created from outgrown kids’ clothes. This is another thing no one tells you at the baby shower: How ridiculously fast these little creatures grow!

Do you think Big Sister's expression is an editorial comment about her outfit?!

I was a starry-eyed new mom the first time around, and bought up 0-3 month clothes for my little princess like crazy. The tiny dresses were too precious, especially when they were on sale in pairs. And the newborn shoes. Oh sweet baby, the newborn shoes! But no one tells you that this miniature couture will only fit your child for a week, and then the sweet things will stagnate in boxes in the basement until another mom could borrow them, but when you pull them out, your heart and head will be flooded with memories and you won’t be able to part with them, so you’ll put them back in the boxes. (Don’t even try to explain this to a dad!)

I’m SO grateful for friends who were kind enough to share their outgrown boys’ clothing with Mr. Twin. Now, I can return the boxes to their basements!  But I do feel for them, because the girls’ clothing we’ve shared with others is finding its’ way back to my basement too. Thus, I have clothing monsters lurking on two floors of my house, and I sometimes worry that they’ll come to life, like Dr. Seuss’s “pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them!”

Miss Twin shows off her fashion!

As with most of my first-time-mom quirks, twins have cured my emotional need to dress up my kids. All three of them now have opinions. (Another thing no one warns you about at the baby shower.) I learned quickly that my two hands + three kids = someone has to dress alone. Some days, the clothes don’t match, and other days, my little fashionistas put together great outfits that I’d never considered! In those moments, I sit back to enjoy the independence and the glimpse into my kids’ creative minds.

I’ve also learned that one naked toddler can be cute, but two are twin tornados of chaos. I grin when people complement us on letting our kids dress comfortably, instead of at the height of fashion. Since our twins still have one toe in the naked stage, I’m thrilled when they have pants on!

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  1. Jen
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 10:50:16

    Totally agree! And women are more emotionally attached than men. I was in a rare throwing mood (ie. donate!) this weekend and Matt knew to steer clear and let me work. At one point he walked by as I was going through a box (exclaiming, “so THAT’S where that went!”) and said to me, “You know, if something happened to you, I probably wouldn’t even open these – I’d just toss them.” Thanks, dear. FYI – if you want some motivation to declutter – visit Bea at the Zero Waste Home blog. I have been following her for a year and getting better. I have a long way to go and her family is extreme, but she does have insights on how to let go of emotional attachments and how to give gifts of time and experiences instead of stuff. She also has her wardrobe down to like 12 items total (which is what I probably wear out of my closet of 100 anyhow)! The baby is sleeping…I should find something to donate :0)


    • abbyplambeck
      Jan 24, 2012 @ 20:46:54

      Jen, thanks for the Zero Waste Home tip! For my own stuff, I tend to toss things too quickly and have accumulated a few regrets over it. The attachment to the baby stuff has taken me by surprise, since I’m thrilled that these early years are passing quickly and we’re getting to better days as a family. I suspect those emotions are all part of Mother Nature’s plan to keep us having babies. 🙂


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