Since we all have insane days with our kids, let’s share the stories, laugh, and win something! Post about the most insane day you’ve had with your kids by Sunday night. Whoever has the worst story will win a “Help! We’re Driving Mom and Dad Insane” activity jar! The jar contains unique, fast, fun activities when you need to distract your tribe and reset everyone’s buttons. (Examples are listed here: The winner will be announced on Monday, January 30.

Our most insane day was right before Christmas. We have a paraplegic dachshund, named Ernie Dog, who’s essentially a fourth child. He developed diarrhea, in addition to being in excruciating pain from a herniated disk in his neck. (For which he later had surgery and has now recovered beautifully.) As with all dogs, he doesn’t like to poop where he sleeps, and because he can’t walk without his doggy wheelchair, he scooted all over my house that day with diarrhea. Including across my Ethan Allan couch cushions, which I discovered CAN be put in the washing machine and still come out in one piece! (We would have needed new cushion covers anyway, so I had nothing to lose.)

On top of that, I had my three human children to care for. We had haircuts already scheduled, so we left the miserable dog at home for an hour. As soon as we walked in the door at the hair salon, Mr. Twin pooped. That’s when I remembered that I had used up our diaper supply in the car the previous day and hadn’t restocked. I cleaned him up the best I could in the salon’s employee bathroom, but the diaper couldn’t be salvaged, so I stuffed paper towels in his pants and he went commando to his haircut. All was well until I paid the bill, and then the paper towels failed. Mr. Twin peed all over the welcome mat. And then we went back home to diarrhea from the dog. Insanity!

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  1. jcnierad
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 08:05:39

    I love this contest idea. As crazy as my life feels sometimes, I’ve got three friends (like you, Abby) who have twins plus another child. Their crazy days blow mine out of the water, so I’m passing along the contest to them hoping they can share their insane days with your readers! Looking forward to reading everyone’s story!


    • abbyplambeck
      Jan 27, 2012 @ 20:47:36

      Jess, thanks for forwarding the contest and I can’t wait to read the stories either! I feel so lucky to live in this era of social networking and blogging, because everywhere I look, there are other people having the same challenges and that’s so reassuring!


  2. Margo Dill
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 15:59:48

    My worst day probably deals with a dog too. Our 14 year old Basset Hound (RIP HUSH PUPPY) was throwing up even though he wasn’t eating much–so very gross–all over the house. My daughter was a year and learning to walk and trying to walk and I had to put her in her crib to keep her out of the puke piles. I threw HP outside, our boxer was crying, HP was still throwing up outside, and Katie was screaming from her crib. AND it was raining. . .Calgon take me away. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like it should have been so bad and we miss little HP dearly now, but at the time, I thought, I can’t go through one more day of this. 🙂


    • abbyplambeck
      Jan 27, 2012 @ 20:54:31

      Margo, I’m so sorry about the loss of your Hush Puppy. We adore bassets (and all hounds) in this house too. They can be so maddening and stubborn, but so very dear! In your situation that day, you had two children. I used to feel silly equating the dog’s needs with my kids’, but some days, the level of energy they take is the same, or even more!


  3. Back Family
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 09:56:35

    Yesterday, when I got home from doing the shopping with Piper, the boys were naked, playing in the sink in the bathroom, with an entire roll of toilet paper spread out around the living room, and the crumbs of a single muffin mashed to a pulp and somehow also spread over the entire living room floor, and intermingled were pieces of banana. Today, when I got home from tutoring, Piper had taken the entire contents of a container of gum, maybe 30 pieces, chewed each piece, stuck about 10 of them around her room, and then formed the other 20 into a wad and stuck it back in the gum container. She had also taken an entire box of bandaids, cut open several of the packages (that each hold 4 bandaids), and stuck them on various things in her room, and she gave herself a haircut. I’m not sure how much more my nerves can take.

    You can pick which one is the worst, or maybe the second is the worst, coming as it was on the heels of the first day, and followed, as I was soon to discover, by a second, and far more disastrous haircut.


    • abbyplambeck
      Jan 28, 2012 @ 10:41:14

      April, you’re the winner so far because you’re living this insanity far from home in China! You’re amazing, my friend, and we all wish you many better days starting tomorrow!


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